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Jun's Embroidery

Premium handcrafted wearable embroidery art, blending modern designs with traditional cultural heritage.

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Each piece represents a fading traditional cultural heritage
The traditional art of embroidery is fading. Our mission is to revive the lost art by creating wearable embroideries that embraces this art. For every product sold, a portion of our profits will be donated to communities in need while raising awareness for this lost art.
Premium & Handcrafted

Wearable Embroidery art

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"Lettre D'amour," is a one deeply rooted in love and the magic of heartfelt connection. Inspired by the timeless tradition of expressing affection through letters, our gift card carries people who poured their hearts onto paper and immortalized their deepest feelings.
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FRequently Asked Questions

How are these embroidery unique?


Each wearable embroidery art is delicately handcrafted by our embroidery masters, blending modern with traditional cultural heritage designs. Each piece is an authentic representation of a culture, a product of craftsmanship, and an ambition to revive the dying traditional art of embroidery. For every purchase made, 20% of profits will be donated to communities in need, while spreading awareness of the art.

Who are these embroidery made by?


Each wearable embroidery art is made by our expert embroidery masters from various professional backgrounds.

How can I purchase these embroideries?


You can purchase our special wearable embroidery art in various methods: messaging us via Instagram (@junsembroidery)/ Facebook (@junsembroidery)/ Whatsapp (+852 6066 0556), calling us via +852 3425 4030, or emailing us at

Can I customise special pieces of embroideries?


Absolutely! Please contact us and we will customise your unique piece of embroidery.

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